Download Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.981

November 24, 2017
Download Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.981 Yosia Kefas 5 of 5
Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.981 – Use stunning live wallpapers on your desktop. Create your own custom wallpapers and share them on Steam...
Download Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.981
Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.981 – Use stunning live wallpapers on your desktop. Create your own custom
wallpapers and share them on Steam Workshop!

Wallpaper Engine enables you to use live wallpapers on your Windows desktop. Various types of wallpaper are supported, including 3D and 2D animations, websites, videos and even certain applications. Choose an existing wallpaper or create your own and share it on Steam Workshop!

Release Name: Wallpaper Engine
Version: Update Build 1.0.981 (23 November 2017)
Size: 210 MB

Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.981 Full Changelog :


  • Added option to track hours when starting through Steam by adding '-steamtrackhours' start parameter.
  • Added new DirectShow LAV video rendering framework as alternative to Media Foundation.
  • Added folders to browser.
  • Added multi-select to browser (CTRL+click, CTRL+A, selection rectangle).
  • Added support for DEL key to remove wallpapers.
  • Added video auto mute when other programs play audio (only MF and DirectShow videos).
  • Added video volume fade when pausing or muting (only MF and DirectShow videos).
  • Added reload button to Steam Workshop server error message.
  • Added native thumbnail generation for local files.
  • Added safe mode that starts the program without wallpapers should it have crashed before.
  • Added d3dcompiler_43.dll to initial system module validation.
  • Added bitness check to system module validation to show proper paths on 32-bit systems.
  • Added warning when high-contrast mode is enabled while WE is running.
  • Added a number of new extra skins for the achievement and made dark skin always available.
  • Added play in window option for streamers.


  • Fixed auto start state not always reflecting actual setting in Windows.
  • Fixed web wallpapers restarting while editing text in the editor and causing focus loss.
  • Fixed in-memory video loader crashing with WMV files.
  • Fixed random 'desktop not available' error when opening the Windows file dialog (maybe).
  • Fixed shake render glitch on Intel GPUs.
  • Fixed Windows 7 compatibility mode sometimes breaking down when fullscreen games disable Aero or remove the icon windows.
  • Fixed application wallpapers not working right with Unity 2017.2.
  • Fixed wallpapers in playlist sometimes repeating too soon (hopefully).
  • Fixed black borders on GIFs that are translucent at their boundaries.
  • Fixed bloom settings not applying in 2D scenes with Dx11.
  • Fixed fullscreen image layers being rendered incorrectly after screen size changed.


  • Updated Sheep wallpaper to Unity 2017.2.
  • Improved VRAM usage on wallpapers that have many large image layers with effects and can take advantage of sharing intermediate buffers.

Instructions :

Wallpaper Engine Build 1.0.981
  1. Extract Wallpaper Engine
  2. Run wallpaper32/64.exe to Launch

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