Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why i cant acces Steam Wokshop in my Wallpape Engine App?
Because YOU MUST BUY IT IN STEAM if you want to use STEAM WORKSHOP

2. Fix Black Screen Scene Wallpaper File
- Update your Wallpaperr Engine App to the latest version 👉 Wallpaper Engine Free Download Crack [Build v1.1.174] !!!UPDATE 6 May 2019!!!
- If still Black Screen Chnage Wallpaper File to pkg, Totorial Here 👉 Change jhson to pkg

3. Fix Black Screen Video Wallpaper File
- Follow this guide to add support for additional video formats. This should enable better support for 4k and HEVC x265 videos 👉 Install LAV Filters to support more video formats or if you use Windows 10 👉Microsoft Store HEVC Video Extensions

4.Wallpaper is gray or textures are missing on Windows 7
- Make sure that the Windows 7 update KB2533623[] is installed.

5. Windows Media Error Code / Artifacts 👉 Here

6. Wallpaper Engine Install error carsh (System Module Cannot be Loaded)
- Update your Wallpaperr Engine App to the latest version 👉 Wallpaper Engine Build 1.1.174 !!!UPDATE 6 May 2019!!! and Install Microsoft Visual C++ Pack & DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)